• Amazon US Customer

    Very good price for the best quality. no clog at all, wonderful extrusion and finish. Pure ABS not a mix of unknown materials. No tests needed, everything is already explained on the package (scanning the QR code) fast and easy to use Read More
  • Charles Gantt - Owner

    Its the best filament on the market! Have used almost 5lbs of it now and not a single issue yet!
  • Voltivo's ExcelFil is the most vibrant, and stable PLA I have printed with in the last 5 years. I have sample spools of their ABS on the way too. If it is anything like the PLA, it will be crazy good. ExcelFil features 20% more pigment than any other plastic and comes out the nozzle a very deep and rich color.
  • I chose Voltivo ExcelFil because of its high-quality, transparency on composition, and customer support. With a high-quality, extremely consistent filament being used on each review, I know that my results will not be skewed by bad, cheap, and low quality plastic.
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